Album picture of The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box

The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box

Lou Reed


Album Tracks

Romeo Had Juliette Lou Reed 03:10
Halloween Parade Lou Reed 03:33
Dirty Blvd. Lou Reed 03:29
Endless Cycle Lou Reed 04:03
There Is No Time Lou Reed 03:46
Last Great American Whale Lou Reed 03:42
Beginning of a Great Adventure Lou Reed 04:57
Busload of Faith Lou Reed 04:50
Sick of You Lou Reed 03:25
Hold On Lou Reed 03:24
Good Evening Mr. Waldheim Lou Reed 04:36
Xmas in February Lou Reed 02:57
Strawman Lou Reed 05:54
Dime Store Mystery Lou Reed 05:03
Smalltown Lou Reed, John Cale 02:03
Open House Lou Reed, John Cale 04:17
Style It Takes Lou Reed, John Cale 02:54
Work Lou Reed, John Cale 02:37
Trouble with Classicists Lou Reed, John Cale 03:41
Starlight Lou Reed, John Cale 03:28

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