Album picture of The Path of Totality (Special Edition)

The Path of Totality (Special Edition)



Album Tracks

Chaos Lives in Everything (feat. Skrillex) Korn, Skrillex 03:47
Kill Mercy Within (feat. Noisia) Korn, Noisia 03:35
My Wall (feat. Excision) Korn, Excision 02:55
Narcissistic Cannibal (feat. Skrillex & Kill the Noise) Korn, Skrillex, Kill The Noise 03:10
Illuminati (feat. Excision and Downlink) Korn, Excision, Downlink 03:16
Burn the Obedient (feat. Noisia) Korn, Noisia 02:38
Sanctuary (feat. Downlink) Korn, Downlink 03:24
Let's Go (feat. Noisia) Korn, Noisia 02:40
Get Up! (feat. Skrillex) Korn, Skrillex 03:42
Way Too Far (feat. 12th Planet & Flinch) Korn, 12th Planet, Flinch 03:49
Bleeding Out (feat. Feed Me) Korn, Feed Me 04:51
Fuels the Comedy (feat. Kill the Noise) (feat. Kill The Noise) Korn, Kill The Noise 02:49
Tension (feat. Excision, Datsik and Downlink) Korn, Excision, Datsik, Downlink 03:56

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