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Picture Book

The Kinks


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Album Tracks

Brian Matthew Introduces the Kinks (Live At the BBC) The Kinks 00:08
You Really Got Me The Kinks 02:11
I'm a Hog for You Baby (Demo) The Boll-Weevils 01:39
I Believed You (Demo) The Boll-Weevils 01:56
Long Tall Sally (Mono Mix) The Kinks 02:11
I Don't Need You Anymore The Ravens 02:09
Stop Your Sobbing The Kinks 02:05
I Gotta Move The Kinks 02:24
Don't Ever Let Me Go The Kinks 02:19
All Day and All of the Night The Kinks 02:21
Tired of Waiting for You The Kinks 02:32
Come On Now (Mono Outtake With Two False Starts) The Kinks 03:38
There's a New World Just Opening for Me (Mono Kassner Publishing Demo) The Kinks 02:27
Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy The Kinks 02:17
Who'll Be the Next In Line The Kinks 01:59
Time Will Tell The Kinks 02:35
Set Me Free The Kinks 02:12
I Need You The Kinks 02:25
See My Friends The Kinks 02:46
Wait Till the Summer Comes Along The Kinks 02:05

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