Album picture of State Theater New Jersey 2005 (Live)

State Theater New Jersey 2005 (Live)

Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren, Ethel


Album Tracks

Nepomuk’s Dances: Memory (Live) Ethel 06:02
Alap (Live) Ethel 07:45
Pelimanni’s Revenge (Live) Ethel 03:25
Sweet Hardwood: Spiritual (Live) Ethel 04:19
Sweet Hardwood: Shuffle (Live) Ethel 05:50
Hometown (Live) Joe Jackson 04:23
Steppin' Out (Live) Joe Jackson 04:55
Awkward Age (Live) Joe Jackson 03:30
Take It Like a Man (Live) Joe Jackson 03:00
Different for Girls (Live) Joe Jackson 03:55
The Obvious Song (Live) Joe Jackson 03:53
Love at First Light (Live) Joe Jackson 04:25
Girl (Live) Joe Jackson 04:28
Be My Number Two (Live) Joe Jackson 03:44
Citizen Sane (Live) Joe Jackson 04:20
Is She Really Going out with Him (Live) Joe Jackson 04:28
Love of the Common Man (Live) Todd Rundgren 03:33
I Don't Want to Tie You Down (Live) Todd Rundgren 02:18
Lysistrata (Live) Todd Rundgren 02:46
Tiny Demons (Live) Todd Rundgren 03:24

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