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Album Tracks

Hanging On Your Hinges Stereophonics 02:57
Forever Stereophonics 04:24
When You See It Stereophonics 04:21
Do Ya Feel My Love? Stereophonics 03:57
Right Place Right Time Stereophonics 04:42
Close Enough To Drive Home Stereophonics 04:05
Leave The Light On Stereophonics 04:54
Running Round My Brain Stereophonics 03:30
Every Dog Has Its Day Stereophonics 04:48
You're My Soul Stereophonics 05:22
All I Have Is You Stereophonics 05:44
Made A Mess Of Me Stereophonics 03:59
Seen That Look Before Stereophonics 04:23
Don't Know What Ya Got Stereophonics 04:49
Jack In A Box Stereophonics 02:17

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