Album picture of Day Of The Gusano (Live)

Day Of The Gusano (Live)



Album Tracks

Sarcastrophe (Live) Slipknot 04:50
The Heretic Anthem (Live) Slipknot 03:57
Psychosocial (Live) Slipknot 04:36
The Devil In I (Live) Slipknot 06:24
Me Inside (Live) Slipknot 03:08
Vermilion (Live) Slipknot 05:22
Wait And Bleed (Live) Slipknot 02:44
Prosthetics (Live) Slipknot 06:13
Before I Forget (Live) Slipknot 04:26
Eeyore (Live) Slipknot 03:06
Duality (Live) Slipknot 04:14
Custer (Live) Slipknot 04:37
Spit It Out (Live) Slipknot 06:51
Metabolic / 742617000027 (Live) Slipknot 04:45
(Sic) (Live) Slipknot 04:11
People = Shit (Live) Slipknot 05:20
Surfacing (Live) Slipknot 05:03

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