Deezer on Amazon Alexa

Want to control your music with your voice?
Just ask.

"Alexa, play some music on Deezer."

From family dance parties to baking binges and middle-of-the-night wind-downs, you just have to say the word to listen to exactly what you need to hear.

Setting up is easy

  • 1. Open "Music, Video & Books" in your Amazon Alexa app

  • 2. Enable the Deezer Skill and sign in to your Deezer account

  • 3. Ask Amazon Alexa to play your favorite music

Want to find out more?

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"Alexa, turn it up."

"Alexa, play Flow."

"Alexa, skip track."

"Alexa, play the Clean Up playlist."

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You'll need Deezer Premium
to connect with Amazon Alexa

Only Deezer Premium accounts can be used on Amazon Alexa, so upgrade today to control unlimited ad-free music with your voice.