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fools (can't help falling in love) Foster, Sody, Sarcastic Sounds 02:45
ill come back to you Powfu, Sarcastic Sounds, RXSEBOY 02:14
Disappointment (feat. Rxseboy) Sarcastic Sounds, RXSEBOY 02:22
the way that you see me (feat. Ayleen Valentine) Powfu, RXSEBOY, Sarcastic Sounds, Ayleen Valentine 03:02
change ur mind Sarcastic Sounds, Claire Rosinkranz, Clinton Kane 03:03
fools (can't help falling in love) (slowed down & reverb) Foster, Sody, Sarcastic Sounds 03:17
Come Back Sarcastic Sounds 01:41
Wish You Were Mine Sarcastic Sounds 02:01
Jimmy (feat. Sarcastic Sounds) RXSEBOY, Sarcastic Sounds 02:26
Closure Sarcastic Sounds, Birdy, Mishaal 03:03

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