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På Topp Adel, Asme, Dree Low 02:41
Dirty 30 Asme 02:08
Skogen (Båset) Asme 02:29
DIRTY Owen, Asme 02:18
Färger Asme 02:20
1 Mill GIDDE, 1.Cuz, Asme 03:01
Poppis Asme 02:07

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Known as one half of the Afro rap Swedish duo Aden x Asme, Asmerom Tsigabu (October 27, 1996) is a hip-hop artist from Gothenburg. Born and raised in the suburb of Hammarkullen, he and his childhood friend Aden Hussein started freestyling together and later formed the music project Aden x Asme. Their debut single “Bonnie & Clyde” arrived in 2017 and was followed by the five-track EP Vågor & Fåglar a year later. 12 TO 12, their highly-anticipated studio debut saw the light via Warner Music Sweden in 2019 and featured guest spots by Cherrie, Dani M, K27, and 24K. After winning an award for Group of the Year at the P3 Gold Gala in 2020, Aden x Asme announced they would be taking a short break from recording music as a duo. Asme’s first solo EP BLodigt, saw the light in 2020 and set the stage for his proper studio debut, Tusen Flows, released in 2021. The album included appearances by Shiro, A36, and Dree Low, and also featured the single “Mår Inte Bra,” which climbed to Number 22 on the Swedish charts. Preceded by the hit single "Pengar Bänga," a second instalment titled Tusen Flows 2 appeared in 2022.