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Too Many Questions Frustration 03:37
Slave Markets Frustration, Jason Williamson 06:07
When Does a Banknote Start to Burn? Frustration 01:30
No Trouble Frustration 03:42
Blind Frustration 02:34
Pulse Frustration 04:04
Empires of Shame Frustration 04:05
Juste Wanna Hide Frustration 03:09
Insane Frustration 04:46
I Can't Forget You Frustration 03:44

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Shake Me


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Like all these bands, we’ve seen Frustration on stage 5, 10, 100 times. And because we're not the same either - more informed, more busy, more jaded, less easily impressionable - we all said at one point that we were through with it, that their schtick was definitely getting old. But with each new show, each new record, we went back, full-on. Because the fire was still burning, because the passion was still intact, because they were not pretending to be something that they were not. Because somewhere in most remote and rural places of the country, some kids still need to look at the world with a different perspective. But still, no one was expecting a record such as So Cold Streams.