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Act of Rage

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Kicks Van Staal Act of Rage, Never Surrender 02:56
Road Rage Act of Rage, Nolz 03:57
Alpha State Act of Rage, Last Word 03:55
Mean Machine (Official Supremacy 2017 Anthem) Act of Rage, Nolz 03:10
REJECTOFRAGE Act of Rage, Rejecta 03:41
Like That Act of Rage, Radical Redemption 02:53
Raveline Act of Rage 03:41
Let The Games Begin Act of Rage, D-Sturb 04:10
Drugs Ran-D, Ran-D & Act Of Rage, Act of Rage 04:04
The Infamous Act of Rage 03:12

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Hard like a criminal, Minus is More-signed phenomenon Act of Rage is walking the path to triumph! Since bursting into the scene in 2014, he’s been ‘raging reckless’ with first-rate tracks such as "Day For Night" with Killshot, “Brain Confusion,” his official Shockerz anthem "Subject Hostile," "Grown Up," "The Infamous," and “Let The Games Begin” with D-Sturb. Act of Rage's superb 2017 album 'SABOTAGE' proved to be one of his biggest career breakthroughs and inevitably paved the way for this young icon to leave a lasting impression on the Hardstyle scene. Not only known for his victorious and blazing beats, but this Alpha Rebel is also a natural-born entertainer with undeniable skill and charisma on stage. Act of Rage has performed at the most eminent Hard Dance events, including Supremacy, Dominator, Defqon.1, Shockerz, Reverze, Intents Festival, Fatality, Dreamfields and many more. With a top-tier discography of demolishing tracks, affirmation from the scene’s heavyweights and an unparalleled energy on stage, Act of Rage is on-point in every shape, way and form!