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Tony Castellano

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Mami Tony Castellano 03:42
Two Calls Tony Castellano 02:39
Down for Me Tony Castellano 02:26
Say It Tony Castellano 03:28
Right for You Tony Castellano 02:53
Electrified Tony Castellano 02:47
4 Dollars Tony Castellano 02:11
3AM Recap Tony Castellano 02:06
Living Close Tony Castellano 03:15
Here For You Tony Castellano 02:19

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With his distinctive style, Marco Carnuccio, better known as, Tony Castellano is unique in today's music scene. By combining different genres like Pop, R&B, Rap and Latin he is not only able to deliver feelings in their purest form, but also to establish completely new sound sonics. Born and raised in Europe and with Italian heritage, Tony’s musical influences reach all over the world. “The goal was always to create something completely new, something that has never been before. To bring something to life that you know, will live forever.” The ability to explore completely new musical landscapes makes him a one out of few in todays scenery. After the release of his first mixtape “85“ named after his Birthday on May 8th in 1999, Tony Castellano showcased his skills by delivering smooth vocals on slick productions made by frequent collaborator Vincenzo “Vince“ Carnuccio. On the by Fans acclaimed EP “Summer in Palm Springs“ Tony Castellano continued where he left while elevating the quality of the songs, as well as his skills as Songwriter. With the past releases of the year 2019 Tony Castellano shows extreme determination as well as huge potential to rise above today's musical noise and to break into the musical mainstream of 2020.