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Cleansing Rain Mors Principium Est 04:11
Eternity's Child Mors Principium Est 03:36
Pure Mors Principium Est 06:11
Death Is the Beginning Mors Principium Est 06:28
Apprentice of Death Mors Principium Est 05:12
Inhumanity Mors Principium Est 02:47
Rebirth Mors Principium Est 03:29
The Lust Called Knowledge Mors Principium Est 04:31
Two Steps Away Mors Principium Est 05:37
The Unborn Mors Principium Est 03:47

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The Finnish melodeathers MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are back with their seventh album, short and snappy titled "Seven", but no less impressive and epic than its predecessors. It's a perfect continuation from where they left off with "Embers Of A Dying World“ in 2017: Death Metal, which is almost progressive in its brutality, combined with sophisticated orchestrations that, used sparingly, never drown in bombast, and fuse with dramatic, melancholic melodies. Even if comparisons to bands like IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES or CHILDREN OF BODOM come to mind quickly, it is their progressiveness and individuality that distinguishes MORS PRINCIPIUM EST from the majority of other melodic death metal bands. Guitar riffs, sharp and on point like a razor, powerful, ominous growls and songs that oftentimes feature highspeed riffage, only briefly interrupted by a few slow passages, produce a sinister, brute sound that, despite its hardness, is perfected with melody and melancholy. With ten brandnew songs and an album, which represents their innovative death metal, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are once again able to shine easily manage the balancing act between old school and modern Metal. After more than 20 years, six highly acclaimed albums and various line-up changes, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are currently only singer Ville Viljanen, who wrote the somber lyrics and functioned as the main producer, and British guitarist and songwriter Andy Gillion. Guitars and orchestral parts were recorded in Gillion's home studio, drums and vocals were recorded in the Ansa Studio (Finland) and finally mixed and mastered once again by the sound wizard and longtime friend of the band Thomas "Plec" Johannson in The Panic Room in Sweden.