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Capital Inicial is a Brazilian rock band initiated in Brasília, Federal District of Brazil, on 1982, after the group Aborto Elétrico ended its activities. The band is composed by Dinho Ouro Preto (vocals and guitar), Flávio Lemos (bass), Fê Lemos (drums), Yves Passarell (guitar) and by the support musicians Robledo Silva (keyboard and acoustic guitar) and Fabiano Carelli (guitar and acoustic guitar). Over the past few years, they suffered great changes in their style, acquiring the influence of the British rock music. On December 10, 2012, they released the new album Saturno. The album has a very raw rock ‘n’ roll sound and returns to the original sounds of the group in the beginning of the 80’s. It was produced by David Corcos and has 13 tracks, including the singles “O Lado Escuro da Lua” and “Saquear Brasília”. This year (2013) they already confirmed they will be on Rock in Rio festival, on September 14, same day as Muse and Florence and The Machine.

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