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Unanswered Suicide Silence 02:15
Ending Is the Beginning Suicide Silence 02:38
Overlord Suicide Silence 03:10
You Only Live Once Suicide Silence 03:12
No Pity for a Coward Suicide Silence 03:11
Unanswered (feat. Phil Bozeman) Suicide Silence, Phil Bozeman 02:36
Disengage Suicide Silence 04:04
You Must Die Suicide Silence 02:42
In Hiding Suicide Silence 02:57
Thinking in Tongues Suicide Silence 03:24

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You Must Die

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Suicide Silence are an American deathcore metal rock band who formed in southern California in 2002 with vocalists Mitch Lucker and Tanner Womack, guitarists Chris Garza and Rick Ash, bassist Mike Bodkins and drummer Josh Goddard. Womack soon departed, Ash left in 2005, Goddard in 2006 and Bodkins in 2009 and Lucker died in 2012. The recent line-up has featured Garza, drummer Alex Lopez who joined in 2006, bassist Dan Kenny who came on board in 2009 and vocalist Eddie Hermida who joined in 2013 but who announced a hiatus in 2018.

Their first full-length album, 'The Cleansing', went to number 94 on the Billboard 200 in 2007. 'No Time to Bleed' (2009) reached number six on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums Chart, number 12 on the Top Rock Albums Chart and number 32 on the 200. 'The Black Crown' (2011) went to number three on the Hard Rock Chart, number seven on Top Rock Albums and 32 on the 200, 'You Can't Stop Me' (2014) peaked at number two on the Hard Rock Chart and 16 on the 200 and 'Ending Is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show' (2014) hit number three on the Hard Rock Chart, number 16 on Top Rock Chart and number 59 on the Billboard 200. Their 2017 self-titled release went to number seven on the Hard Rock Chart and number 30 on the Top Rock list.