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Crazy P

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One True Light Crazy P 06:08
Love Is with You Crazy P 05:24
Like A Fool Crazy P 05:06
We Will F**K You Up Crazy P 04:22
The Come On Crazy P 05:40
SOS Crazy P 05:16
Heartbreaker Crazy P 06:37
The Hit Crazy P 06:55
Lean on Me Crazy P 04:28
Heartbreaker Crazy P 05:24

Most popular release

Is This All It Seems
The Witness
We Will F**K You Up


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Using slinky underground disco, deep electronic throbs, shimmering pop moments; this is dance music with a voice, a heart, and soul. Crazy P are stronger and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the sounds of a typically British type of house and disco - which The P have been forerunning for the last 15 years - are now more du jour then ever before.