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Naâman has a great sense for strong melodies and heal so has a natural rhythmic and vigorous flow when he rides the pulsating riddims ! » ( French singer revives reggae roots legends borrowing to hip hop and raggamuffin their constant rhythmics and engaged messages. Elected as Revelation of the Year in 2013 by the Reggae Victories ( his last album DEEP ROCKERS BACK A YARD(2013) is elected as « Best French Touch Album » in 2014. This album which is his first one had a big success with much public acclaim and more than 6 000 albums sold. Medias are okay to say that Naâman has an explosive flow and a perfect positive energy ! DEEP ROCKERS BACK A YARD had been recorded in Jamaica with the greatest producers of the island Sam Clayton and Steven Stewart and some of the best musicians like Sly Dunbar, Daniel Axeman Thompson or Dalton Browne. With humility and passion Naâman and Fatbabshis life-long beatmaker went to work with that reggae icons. Result is an hymn to the world’s youth who don’t forget it’s roots and provide a message of peace love and freedom. It’s this amazing adventure of a group of friends who became a solid-stage band that we wanted to trace on the FROM THE DEEP TO THE ROCK DVD. From Normandie in France through Kingston, Paris, China, Spain and many other inflamed stages Naâman and the Deep Rockers Crew are living an uncommon adventure. They’re meeting an increasingly and more receptive audience which permit them to really feel love that music can offer. They don’t forgot their origines and objectives. This is the story of a passion which became a life, a work and which changed things for that 6 young people. FROM THE DEEP TO THE ROCK the rase to fame of a young French singer who knew how to rewrite the traditional codes and play an explosive reggae with and resounding flow all over the world. Naâman and the Deep Rockers Crew this is the arrival of a new generation full of positive energy enthusiasm and humanity ! Come and meet that musicians and friends, relive exceptional shows unique travels and unforgettable meetings ! Of course that documentary is inextricably linked to the DEEP ROCKERS BACK A YARD album which mark a turning point in the artist’s career. That’s why it has been reissued with the DVD as the logical sequel of a book which is in the making.