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INV001: 12 WORDS 30000 STONES (feat. Arthur Mutanen, Chediak, adieu) Fresno, Arthur Mutanen, Chediak, Adieu 03:39
Sua Alegria Foi Cancelada Fresno, Jade Baraldo 03:57
The Rhythm Of The Night – InVersions 90s Fresno 03:23
EVA Fresno, Far From Alaska 03:27
EVA Fresno, Far From Alaska 03:13
Hoje Sou Trovão, Pt. 2 Fresno, Rashid, Caetano Veloso 03:24
Redenção Fresno 03:47
We'll Fight Together Fresno 03:56
Porto Alegre Fresno 03:47

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Fresno is a Brazilian rock band formed in Porto Alegre in 1999. Throughout its extensive career, the band has experimented with a varied array of styles, such as emo, stoner rock, and shoegaze. Composed of Lucas Silveira (vocals), Gustavo Mantovani (guitar), Mario Camelo (keyboard), and Thiago Guerra (drums), the group went through several lineup changes and is one of the longest-running acts in the Brazilian rock scene. Formerly known as Democratas, the band decided to change their name in 2001, right before releasing O Acaso do Erro, their debut EP. Quarto dos Livros (2003) and O Rio, A Cidade, A Árvore (2004) both became underground favorites and cemented their reputation as one of the most promising bands in the Brazilian indie scene. Ciano (2006) helped Fresno break into the mainstream with high rotation on MTV and several radios. After signing with Universal Music, the group made a pop crossover with Redenção (2008), which was certified gold after selling 50,000 copies. Infinito (2012) found the band experimenting with prog-rock and was hailed by critics as one of their most ambitious albums. Following a presentation at SXSW and at MTV’s EMAs in 2013, Fresno released the EP Eu Sou a Maré Viva (2014), which expanded upon Infinito’s grandiose sound. In the subsequent years, the group released A Sinfonia de Tudo Que Há (2016), their first concept album, and Sua Alegria Foi Cancelada (2019), which ditched the progressive influences and embraced a rawer, more direct sound.