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Count Duke Blundetto 02:44
Theme From King Heroin Soul Sugar, Blundetto 05:25
La puce Blundetto 02:50
La chapelle Blundetto 02:42
Mama Genso (Single Version) Blundetto, Laurent Bardainne 03:07
Rocroy Blundetto, Akale Horns 03:15
Fly High Blundetto, Hindi Zahra 03:10
Slow Dance Blundetto 04:09
Warm My Soul Blundetto, Courtney John 04:03
Voices Blundetto, Hindi Zarha 03:02

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Nine letters typed in a search engine can instantly raise the mystery around the identity of Blundetto. Twenty years back, months or years of investigation would have been necessary... Twenty years is also the time that Max Guiguet has spent in the walls of Radio Nova. He entered as an intern to come out only two decades later. In the meantime, he’s become the programmer, the one who is listening to tons of releases, and among them selects those who will have the honors of the airwaves. While learning the science of mixing, he also meets the characters Jean-François Bizot and Rémi Kolpa-Kopoul who open the doors of musical perception. Max was already interested in Jamaican music, but he discovered at the time an infinity of styles to go further into. For twenty years he will apply on exploring this genres. That’s the A side, which in a few measures tells the story of Max Guiguet. The B side is played in parallel and is about his musical double, who after a passage by F. Communications and electronic music, grew up on the ashes of Vista Le Vie. The one who started to live in 2005, through long nocturnal sessions to experiment between sampling and instruments. Playing guitar, keyboard, drums, percussions or bass. Sampling, composing, arranging, polishing for four years until in 2009, his name resonates on the turntables. A name that comes straight from a mafia series: Blundetto. « Bad Bad Things » (Heavenly Sweetness) will be his first release. An album composed and directed in duo with Black Joy, his Rick Rubin without whom nothing happens or rather, who makes everything end up well. Budos Band, Shawn Lee, Hindi Zarha and Tommy Guerrero are the invited guests who come and put part of their personality in the tracks influenced by smoky volutes of reggae, nostalgic soul or soundtracks. The musical complicity continues and builds the Blundetto style : he comes back in 2012 with « Warm My Soul » (Heavenly Sweetness, again). The aesthetics is less roots, machines are more present. The voices of Hugh Coltman, Aqeel and Courtney John, the brass of Akale Wube take their turn in the studio. Jamaica remains the anchor of an album that goes to Africa or to the low-riders boomin 'systems of Los Angeles. The third round is played in 2015, still on the same basis and always with the decisive Blackjoy. No more jet-lag nor thousands of miles to cover, « World Of » (Heavenly Sweetness, always) will be recorded only with relatives: Etienne De La Sayette, Biga* Ranx or John Milk. A patchwork album, between funk, Kabyle music, rock and, of course, reggae. Based on this Kingston vibration, between roots and modernity, Blundetto is currently working on his new album. Output planned for 2018 on Heavenly Sweetness, of course.