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Only Just Begun Manudigital, Joseph Cotton 03:24
Digital Kingston Session (feat. Junior Cat) Manudigital, Junior Cat 04:13
L'île aux Canards Manudigital 04:13
Nah Fight Manudigital, Mesh 04:03
Reggae Addict's Connection Sinsemilia, Manudigital, Dub Inc, Balik 04:03
Reach the Sky Manudigital, Taiwan Mc 03:45
Digital Kingston Session (feat. Jigsy King) Manudigital, Jigsy King 01:59
Mali Manudigital, Danakil 04:28
Digital Kingston Session (feat. Capleton) Manudigital, Capleton 02:57
Digital Robot Manudigital, George Palmer 03:49

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Manudigital is a musician, Riddim maker & Producer. You can find on Manudigital's channel his videoclip and several his video series "Back Inna Days, the « Digital Sessions » - where only he and the artist appear, geared with the mythical synth Casio MT40 - got hundreds of thousands of views within a very short period of time, thanks to amazing artists like Pupajim, General Levy, Soom T among so many more.