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Los Prisioneros were a rock band from Chile who were leaders in the new Chilean pop movement (Nuevo Pop Chileno) in the 1980s. Formed in 1979 in Santiago by school friends singer-songwriter and bassist Jorge González, guitarist Claudio Narea and drummer Miguel Tapia, they were joined by guitarist Alvaro Beltran and debuted as Los Prisioneros in 1983. Other musicians played with the band as they became a major influence in Chilean pop music until they disbanded in 1991. They reformed in 2001 and stayed together until 2006.

Their singles included 'La voz de los '80' (1984), 'El Baile de los que sobran' (1986), 'Pa pa pa' (1988), 'Con suavidad' (1990), 'Las sierras eléctrics' (2001), 'Ultraderecha' (2003) and 'Eres mi goar' (2004). They released four live albums and five compilations, plus six studio albums: 'La voz de los '80' (1984), 'Pateando piedras' (1986), 'La cultura de la basura' (1987), 'Corazones' (1990), 'Los Prisioneros' (2003) and 'Manzana' (2004). They won several domestic music awards and were hailed as an influential voice amongst young people in their homeland and across Latin America.

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