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Alix Mathurin, who goes by the name Kery James, is a rapper from Guadeloupe who grew up in Orly, France, where he began to perform as a child. He had a stint with the rap group Idéal Junior using the name Daddy Kery and released his solo debut album, 'Si c'étair à refaire', as Kery James in 2001. It went to number five on the France Albums Chart.

Subsequent releases include 'A l'ombre du show business' (2008), 'Dernier MC' (2013) and 'Mouhammad Alix' (2016), which all reached number three on the France Albums Chart and 'Réel' (2009), which topped the chart. His singles include 'Relève la tête' (2004) with Lino, AP, Diam's and Passi, 'Lettre à la République' (2012), 'Musique nègre' (2016) featuring Lino and Youssoupha and 'A qui la faute' (2019) featuring Oreisan. His schedule was to include appearances across France in 2019 and 2020.

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