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Ani Kuni Polo & Pan 04:36
Canopée Polo & Pan 04:36
Tunnel Polo & Pan, Channel Tres 05:10
Nanã Polo & Pan 03:10
Zoom Zoom Polo & Pan 03:29
Feel Good Polo & Pan 04:00
Dorothy Polo & Pan 05:16
Ani Kuni Polo & Pan 02:49
Aqualand Polo & Pan 04:17
Gengis Polo & Pan 03:51

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Magic (Remixes)

by Polo & Pan


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Polo & Pan are timeless. The Parisian duo of Paul Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Pan) make music that flicks like frames through Golden Era Hollywood films, delivered with a deft French touch that playfully imbues house, disco, and electro in service one of the most compelling acts in dance music right now. While tracks like ‘Canopée’ and ‘Dorothy’ are now essential playing for any rooftop or beachside party no matter your latitude, Polo & Pan’s live performances bring their music to life with a sparkling vibrancy. One look around the dancefloor—whether it’s sold-out US tours or major festival performances—and you’ll see smiles, pretenses dropped, and earnest joy on the faces around you. That, more than their cultured heritage, global appeal, or history of underground hits, might be the Polo & Pan’s most remarkable quality. 2020 sees Polo & Pan sail into new waters. The ‘Home Sweet Home’ mixtape points the way for influences in their sound, dropping references to everything from Joao Gilberto to Beethoven in the process. On the single ‘Feel Good’ and a corresponding Feel Good EP, there are richer textures and more complex emotions. But the sound, the feeling the music brings to the dancefloor, is uncompromisingly, inimitably, and undoubtedly Polo & Pan. As is the case for many iconoclasts, It may have taken some time for the world-at-large to catch Polo & Pan’s creative drift, but now we are all very much along for the voyage.