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Hailing from the chilly depths of Madison, Wisconsin, rock and metal solo artist Samtar captures a dystopian and strangely infectious sound. Samtar grew up on the likes of System of a Down, Mastadon, Muse, Sublime, and Nirvana; now he unites these divergent influences with writhing bass lines, hook-heavy guitars and keys, and a strong dose of Mike Patton-inspired vocals. He also takes inspiration from sci-fi films and literature. Samtar's music vacillates between dark and eerie revolutionary themes in songs like "Island of Eyes," to creepy and ominous songs such as "The Ghouls of Eternity," all the way to the deep introspection of songs like "Wizard of the Mountains." Samtar currently has 3 full length albums out, with a fourth acoustic album on the way. Merch available at