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Reborn Xandria 05:13
Nightfall Xandria 03:54
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Xandria 07:25
Forevermore Xandria 04:59
A Theater of Dimensions Xandria 14:22
Ship of Doom Xandria 04:50
Death to the Holy Xandria 04:46
The Watcher Xandria 04:43
Call of the Wind Xandria 04:52
Valentine Xandria 03:28

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Modern metal music has a baffling array of sub genres and the German band Xandria from the town of Bielefeld in the Teutoburg Forest occupy one of the more arcane niches of rock music: symphonic metal. Xandria are one of Germany's best known and most popular exponents of a style of music which takes all the classic elements of heavy metal such as thundering drums and wall-of-sound guitar playing and combines them with Wagnerian operatic vocals and layers of orchestral instruments. It's a heady musical cocktail which has a significant following in northern European countries and Xandria join forces with bands such as Epica, Nightwish and Therion to form the vanguard of the symphonic metal movement.

Xandria have seven studio albums to their credit, all of which have made it into the German charts. Since their formation in 1997 the band have steadily built a following which resulted in their 2017 release 'Theatre of Dimensions' reaching number 17 in the charts, a creditable performance for a band who perform within such a narrowly focused genre.