Apple Homepod

With Deezer on HomePod, access your library and control your music with your voice. Simply ask Siri to play the song of your choice and enjoy immersive, HiFi supporting sound from the HomePod speakers.

Amazon Echo

Enable the Deezer Skill on Amazon Echo, and control music with your voice. Want to listen to something? Just ask.

Amazon Echo

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Bang & Olufsen HiFi

With Bang & Olufsen take your music experience to new heights. Access your Deezer account and listen to your playlists, discover new tracks and future favorites in FLAC quality.

So, whether you're pumped for a big night out, winding down or feeling emotional, Bang & Olufsen makes magic out of your music.

Bang & Olufsen

Bluesound Network Player HiFi

Boasting innovative design and high definition audio, Bluesound offers a listening experience like no other. Play your favorite albums and playlists directly from your phone or tablet, and make each room sing.


Bose Music

SoundTouch uses your Wi-Fi network to give you access to Internet mixes from around the world, songs from your music library, and to Deezer's 90 million tracks. Use the personalized presets to access your favorites – effortlessly.


Control4 HiFi

Connect your Deezer account to your Control4 smart home system, and listen to your favorite music in lossless FLAC quality.


Denon HEOS

Combining elegant design with powerful audio technology, Denon's HEOS multi-room wireless speakers bring your favorite music to your home in style.

Denon HEOS

Devialet Phantom HiFi

Discover the ultra-dense sound that goes through you with a physical impact: Phantom by Devialet, with Implosive Sound Center technology. Connect with WiFi and listen to Deezer to experience your music in a whole new way.


Google Home and Google Nest HiFi

Hook up your Deezer account to your Google Home and Google Nest speakers, and voila! To play music, all you have to do is ask.

Google Home

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Harman Kardon HiFi

Pure sound and elegant design. Whether you're in your living room or bedroom, a simple touch is enough to change the music throughout the house. With the ‘One Touch Audio Follow Me’ feature, you can remotely control the music that is played through your Harman Kardon speakers. Place them wherever you want, Omni speakers are wireless to enjoy Deezer easily and without effort.

Harman Kardon

LG Music Flow HiFi

Walk in the door, set down your phone and the music just keeps on going. The multiroom LG Music Flow sound system detects your presence and plays the music you’re listening to on Deezer throughout your whole house. Play the same song everywhere or choose a different track for each room. With LG Music Flow, you’re in control.


MOON by Simaudio HiFi

MOON by Simaudio is the cutting-edge sound system that allows you to organize, listen to and enjoy music in the highest-quality sound. The all-in-one music player allows you to access Deezer and all its best features like Flow, curated recommendations & your library using the dedicated app specially designed by Simaudio. MOON’s sonic performance has never made music more empowering.


Onkyo Network A/V Receivers HiFi

Make listening to your music a cinematic event with the latest HiFis from Onkyo. Browse Deezer directly from the Onkyo A/V interface and enjoy High Quality audio.


Samsung Wireless Audio 360 HiFi

Designed to be acoustically perfect, Samsung's Wireless Audio 360 range revolutionizes the way we experience audio. Get ready to enjoy sound constructed and tuned by acclaimed audio engineers at Samsung's state-of-the-art audio lab in California delivering the reference to equally balanced sound. Enjoy the freedom to place your speaker anywhere, to sit anywhere in your room and experience the same great sound quality from every angle.


Savant HiFi

Savant's award-winning family of products is now compatible with Deezer HiFi. Experience your favorite music in lossless FLAC quality all throughout your home.


Sonos HiFi

Feel your music to the fullest with Deezer on Sonos. Enjoy songs in any or every room of your home and make special moments happen instantly. Access Moods on Flow, all your favorite playlists, and personalized recommendations with a tap.


Sony High Definition Audio Range HiFi

Recreate the acoustics of a recording studio or a concert hall with new audio solutions by Sony. Combining innovative technology and minimalist design, these connected speakers and home cinemas bring a whole new music experience to your home.


Ultimate Ears

Connect your Deezer account to Alexa, and control music with your voice on BLAST and MEGABLAST speakers. Enjoy the Deezer magic button experience on BOOM 3 and MEGABOOM 3 speakers.

Ultimate Ears

Yamaha MusicCast HiFi

Yamaha MusicCast products let you stream wirelessly in HiFi. One app controls all your devices in your home and allows you to take your high fidelity sound from room to room. Connect your Yamaha MusicCast devices to Deezer HiFi for a perfect setup.