Indie music to relax, study, sleep 💆 playlist indie pour travailler | indie songs, pop folk 2021

Une sélection indie pour se reposer, travailler, se concentrer...

Playlist Tracks

Trouble Cage The Elephant 03:45
New Light John Mayer 03:36
Même si Part-Time Friends 03:07
You're High Agar Agar 04:30
1978 (feat. Yan Wagner) (Radio Edit) Thylacine, Yan Wagner 02:12
Just Want Happiness Folamour 04:39
You Be The Sun Courrier Sud 03:23
Southern Winds Kazam 03:24
Now or Never Buvette 04:12
ENCORE HEUREUX Leslie Medina 03:00
Déjà vu Requin Chagrin 03:52
Lonely Planet (feat. Ian Isiah) Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra, Ian Isiah 02:47
Le Jeune Quinzequinze 03:59
Piano matinée (feat. Alsy) (Jimmy Whoo Remix) Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra, Alsy 03:13
Modern Fears (Pilotpriest Come True Version) Electric Youth 04:02
Memento Mori Mustang 05:55
Belle Felixita 03:10
Golden Chains ALB 02:54
Long Time Feeling Thos Henley 03:30
Corniche Kennedy Antonin Appaix 04:16
Smoke Machine Control / SMC Buvette 04:37
Sunny Side Up Tin 02:55
Shores (Orchestral) WE ARE MATCH 03:55
You and I (From "Bliss" Soundtrack) Will Bates, Skye 03:39
Lejos MOÜGLI 03:20
Factory Band of Horses 04:35
Still Life Maud Geffray, Lavinia Meijer 06:51
Everything Now Arcade Fire 05:03
Is It Me St. Paul & The Broken Bones 02:13