Music To Fight Evil

It's time to rise up and act. The songs in this list shouldn't have to exist. We should all just get along. Until that happens, seek inspiration from 50 years of protest, by way of a lot of anger and a little love.

  • by Musicto
  • 105 tracks
  • 6 h 53 min

Playlist Tracks

KIDSTRIKE! Jim Bob 03:12
Living For The City Stevie Wonder 07:22
Parade Pretty Girls Make Graves 02:40
If We're Damned Jess Silk 05:24
Standing In the Way of Control Gossip 04:16
Guilty as Anyone Declan Kennedy 03:15
Great Divide American Television 02:57
Stand for Your Land O'Keefe 05:19
Glad to Be Gay The Tom Robinson Band 04:47
The Lunatics (Have Taken over the Asylum) Fun Boy Three 03:14
Stop The Cavalry Jona Lewie 03:01
Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home The Long Ryders 03:35
Superheroes Skint & Demoralised, Matthew James Abbott 02:42
Change Mavis Staples 02:56
Aleppo Leyla McCalla 03:37
Broken World The Interrupters 02:42
Take the Good Jon Worthy 03:47
Woke Up This Morning A3 05:16
Killing in the Name


Brass Against 05:25
Charlottesville Bryan Toney 04:42
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 03:11
Head Held High John D Revelator 03:29
Rollercoaster India.Arie 04:25
Pride Grace Petrie 03:57
Butyric Acid Consolidated 03:52
Clampdown (Remastered) The Clash 03:50
MAH The Chemical Brothers 05:37
All Together Now The Farm 05:42
Another Shooter (Live) René Trossman 06:24
Welfare State Ultrasound 06:31