Cruella Playlist

Cruella follows a young grifter named Estella, a clever and creative girl determined to make a name for herself with her designs. In theaters or order it on Disney+ with Premier Access on May 28, 2021

  • by Disney Music Group
  • 41 tracks
  • 1 h 42 min

Playlist Tracks

Call me Cruella Florence + The Machine 02:07
Bloody Well Right Supertramp 04:34
Whisper Whisper Bee Gees 03:25
Five to One (2018 Remaster) The Doors 04:25
Feeling Good Nina Simone 02:53
Fire Ohio Players 04:35
Whole Lotta Love Ike & Tina Turner 04:41
Livin' Thing (2012 Version) Electric Light Orchestra 03:42
Stone Cold Crazy (2011 Remaster) Queen 02:15
One Way or Another Blondie 03:28
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Remastered) The Clash 03:09
I Love Paris Georgia Gibbs 02:30
Love Is Like A Violin Ken Dodd 02:10
I Wanna Be Your Dog John McCrea 03:55
Come Together Ike & Tina Turner 03:38
Call me Cruella Florence + The Machine 02:07
Cruella - Disney Castle Logo Nicholas Britell 00:45
The Baroque Ball Nicholas Britell 02:01
The Most Dreadful Accident Nicholas Britell 01:18
The Drive to London Nicholas Britell 01:36
Red Hair Dye Nicholas Britell 00:24
The Baroness Needs Looks Nicholas Britell 01:08
I Think You're Something Nicholas Britell 02:10
Everything's Going So Well Nicholas Britell 00:41
The Necklace Nicholas Britell 01:33
The Angle Nicholas Britell 01:10
Surveillance Nicholas Britell 01:44
I Like to Make an Impact Nicholas Britell 01:52
Oh, That's a Hybrid Nicholas Britell 01:43
Revenge / Let's Begin Nicholas Britell 03:38