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One of the most iconic bands to rise from the Sixties California counter-culture, Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics and magnetic charisma gave a dark under-current to The Doors' psychedelic pop rock. Named after the Aldous Huxley novel "The Doors of Perception", they earned their spurs as a house band at the notorious Whisky A Go Go club on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles before signing with Elektra Records and releasing the classic debut album "The Doors" (1967). "Light My Fire" gave the band a huge US Number 1 single but in a haze of drugs, sexuality and Eastern mysticism it was Morrison's wild antics that hit the headlines as he was accused of trying to start a riot, exposing himself and was arrested onstage for public indecency. After six studio albums and international acclaim, Morrison died of a drug overdose in Paris in 1971, aged only 27. The band continued with two post-Morrison albums but eventually split in 1973. Artist biography compiled by BDS/West 10. All rights reserved