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Vampiro Matuê, WIU, Teto 04:10
Quer Voar Matuê 03:07
Sem Dó Matuê, L7NNON 04:27
M4 Teto, Matuê 02:50
Antes Matuê 02:49
Máquina do Tempo Matuê 03:50
Poesia Acústica #7: Céu Azul Pineapple StormTv, Mc Hariel, Negra Li, Ducon 09:32
Groupies Doode, Teto, Matuê 02:44
A Morte do Autotune Matuê 03:36
Anos Luz Matuê 04:24

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por Matuê, WIU, Teto


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Matuê at Arena Iate Clube Petrolina (September 30, 2022)
Petrolina, Brazil

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Matheus Aguiar is better known to the world as Matuê, a rapper and singer from Fortaleza, Ceará. He was born on October 11, 1993, and moved to Oakland, California, United States at the age of 8, returning to Brazil four years later. During his time in the US, Matuê was exposed to the world of hip hop, and upon his return to Brazil decided that he wanted to try his hand at it. In 2014, along with Clara Mendes and Lucas Degas, Matuê started the record label 30PRAUM. After some time dabbling in reggae, Matuê made a splash in the world of Brazilian trap with 2016’s “RBN,” which was accompanied by a striking music video that aided the song’s popularity. This was followed by a string of single releases the following year, including “Boomzin,” “Mud in the Glass,” “HORTA,” and several others. In 2019, he released the single “Kenny G,” one of his most popular tracks. In 2020, Matuê signed a contract with Sony Music Brazil, through whom he released his first full-length album Máquina do Tempo, which became the most successful debut on streaming services at the time. In 2021, Matuê released the single “Quer Volar,” which quickly became one of his most-streamed songs.