Sad Songs 2023 | Music for Crying (Melancholy & De

Sad songs for depressing days and depressed moods... Traurige Lieder für depressive Situationen an grauen Tagen...

Faixas da playlist

What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] Billie Eilish 03:42
traitor Olivia Rodrigo 03:49
Daylight David Kushner 03:32
Wish You The Best Lewis Capaldi 03:30
august Taylor Swift 04:21
Falling Harry Styles 04:00
Call Out My Name The Weeknd 03:48
Here With Me D4vd 04:02
lovely Billie Eilish, Khalid 03:20
Like I Was Never Here Kings Elliot 03:38
Half-Life X Ambassadors 03:13
Himmel Leer Santos, Jazeek 03:02


Sekou 02:53
Lessons Dermot Kennedy 03:01
Here It Is Cian Ducrot 03:15
Hurting Amaya Gloor 02:37
Sorry, Mum Cosby 03:37
Strangers Lewis Capaldi 03:33
Skin and Bones David Kushner 03:35
let go of me slowly Sekou 03:27
Your Town


X Ambassadors 05:06
Million Years Sea Girls 02:39
Me Again Sasha Alex Sloan 02:29
Collateral Dave McKendry 02:46
The End Tom Odell 03:25


JAS 02:40
Every God I Pray To Only The Poets 03:07
Lucky Dermot Kennedy 05:38
Lonely People Aidan Martin 02:55
still a little something Kamal. 03:17