Epic Metal

Cerveja! Fogo! Salsichas! Heavy metal!

Faixas da playlist

The End Justifies HammerFall 05:09
A Draco Tale (feat. Brawl Stars) DragonForce, Brawl Stars 03:36
Metal Gods Dream Evil 03:30
1589 Powerwolf 04:04
Blood Of The Kings Tungsten 04:00
Hail To The Warriors Riot V 04:26
Hail To The King HammerFall 04:32
Battle Ballad Týr 03:50
Rain on the Graves Bruce Dickinson 05:04
A Brave New Hope Rhapsody of Fire 04:40
The Last Stand Sabaton 03:55
Burning Heart DragonForce 05:55
Stand United Firewind 04:29
Total T-Rex Terror Victorius 04:42
Afraid to shoot into the eyes of a stranger in a strange land Nanowar of Steel 06:40
Rock You Like A Hurricane All For Metal, Antonio Calanna 04:15
Afterlife Rage 03:45
We Unite New Horizon 05:46
The Catalyst Amaranthe 03:40
If Looks Could Kill (2024 Version Rerecorded) Primal Fear 04:07
The Serpent and the King Judas Priest 04:19
Raising Hell


Iron Savior 04:52
Decimator Kryptos 03:45
Mighty Wings Gloryhammer 04:00
The Devil Will I Do


Into The Light Myrath 04:55
Bark At The Moon Powerwolf 04:19
Afterglow of Ragnarok Bruce Dickinson 05:45
Generation Warriors Angra 05:08
Cyberdome Metalite 04:45