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Tears in Rain Tarja Turunen 04:28
I Walk Alone Tarja Turunen 03:53
Poison Tarja Turunen 03:59
The Sleeping Indian Outlanders, Tarja Turunen, Joe Satriani, Torsten Stenzel 06:13
Dead Promises Tarja Turunen 05:51
Boy And The Ghost Tarja Turunen 04:36
The Reign Tarja Turunen 04:07
Lost Northern Star Tarja Turunen 04:22
Oasis Tarja Turunen 05:10
My Little Phoenix Tarja Turunen 04:01

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The brightest star of the symphonic rock scene, Tarja Turunen is certainly the most well-known Finnish voice in the world of music. Soprano, composer and songwriter, she reached international fame co-founding the metal band Nightwish. The unique combination of metal music with Tarja’s soprano lead vocals gave birth to a new genre, inspiring many other metal bands. But Tarja had to walk alone. In 2006 Tarja started her own solo career successfully devoted to both classical and rock music. Her classical work include Christmas shows and concerts with orchestras and choirs, like the project “Beauty & the Beat” in addition to the Christmas album “Henkäys Ikuisuudesta”, "From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas)” and the classical studio album “Ave Maria - En Plein Air". Tarja’s collaborations include Schiller, Doro, Scorpions, Mike Oldfield and Within Temptation. But the unique synergy between Tarja’s classical and rock inspirations is fully expressed in her solo rock career, that started with her first solo studio album “My Winter Storm” in 2007, followed by “What Lies Beneath” and “Colours in the Dark” and “The Shadow Self” and “In The Raw”. Tarja's live performances can be admired also in her live-art-video “Act II”, sequel of “Act I”. After publishing her first book, “Singing in my Blood” in 2021, Tarja is currently releasing the singles of her electronic project with Torsten Stenzel “Outlanders”.