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Caprice Odezenne 03:19
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Une danse de mauvais goût Mansfield.TYA, Odezenne 03:42
Sot-l'y-laisse Rone, Odezenne 02:54
Hardcore Odezenne 04:27
Nucléaire Odezenne 03:43
Deux traits Odezenne 02:26
Tu pu du cu Odezenne 02:52
Bouche à lèvres Odezenne 03:49

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Known for their kaleidoscopic sonic collages and their fiercely independent DIY spirit, alternative French trio Odezenne was formed in the city of Bordeaux in 2005. Taking their name from an old school principal, Alix Caillet, Mattia Lucchini, and Jacques Cormary began recording themselves and performing at local bars, eventually creating their own record label and releasing their studio debut Sans Chantilly in 2008. The album elicited praises from critics and became an unexpected commercial success, mainly thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations. In 2011, Odezenne returned with their sophomore effort, O.V.N.I. _Orchestre Virtuose National et Incompéten, a concept album that gained notoriety through a series of self-produced promotional videos and helped increase their online popularity in their native France. Following a series of appearances at some of the most renowned music festivals in the French-speaking world, the group scored another hit with the viral single “Je Veux Te Baiser,” included in the 2014 EP Rien. The ambitious chanson-rap album Dolziger Str. 2 arrived in 2015, followed by Au Baccara (2018) and the mature themes of 1200 Mètres en Tout (2022), which reached Number 95 on the French Albums chart.