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Best of Us Wier, Alexa Feser, Annett Louisan, Bibi Bourelly 03:17
Better Days Wier, Antje Schomaker, Davina Michelle, Dikka 03:21
Better Days Wier 02:36

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Wier took the 20th
century idea of the superstar-studded feel-good charity single and gave it a 21st
century spin by having eighteen international recording artists collaborate without
ever meeting face-to-face. Alexa Feser, Annett Louisan, Bibi Bourelly,
Christina Stürmer,
Conor Byrne, Glasperlenspiel, Ilira, Joel Bransenstein, Joris, Justin Jesso,
KAYEF, Kelvin Jones, Lotte, Nico Santos, Philipp Dittberner, Sasha, and
Stefanie Heinzman released their debut single, “Best of Us” in June of
2020. An inspirational pop song designed to bring hope and solace to people
during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the single was accompanied by a music
video featuring each of the artist contributing their vocals in isolation. It
took nearly four months for the song to crack the German charts, though it did
better on German radio and in digital downloads than this fact might otherwise