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Tally Hall

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The Bidding Tally Hall 02:40
Hidden In the Sand Tally Hall 01:52
Ruler of Everything Tally Hall 03:42
Turn the Lights Off Tally Hall 02:56
Misery Fell Tally Hall 03:34
& Tally Hall 03:14
Hymn for a Scarecrow Tally Hall 04:50
Two Wuv Tally Hall 03:43
Good Day Tally Hall 03:26
Haiku Tally Hall 03:02

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The indie pop band Tally Hall
formed in Ann Abor, Michigan in 2002 when University of Michigan students Rob
Canter (vocals and guitar), Steve Gallagher (drummer), Joe Hawley (vocals and
guitar), Andrew Horowitz (vocals and keyboards), and Zubin Sedghi (vocals and
bass), discovered a shared fondness for quirky pop. Taking their name from a
local shopping center, the group honed their chops in the Detroit area. They
released a pair of EP’s before Gallagher was replaced by Ross Federman in 2004.
They signed with the indie label Quack!Media to release their debut LP, 2005’s Marvin’s
Marvelous Mechanical Museum
which included soon-to-be fan favorites like “Hidden
In the Sand”
, “Good Day”, and “Welcome to Tally Hall”. The
quintet’s goofy charm landed them a gig as the composers of all the songs for
the short-lived Disney animated series Happy Monster Band in 2007. After
signing to major label Atlantic, they remixed and re-recorded portions of that
album and re-released it. A series of music videos were released on the band’s
website in 2008 and 2009. They returned to Quack!Media for 2011’s Good &
, but the band dissolved not long after its release. Although the members
have all pursued careers as solo artists and writers, the band’s website made
the collection Admittedly Incomplete Demos available in 2015, and in
2019 they put out a single from that collection, a cover of Biz Markie’s “Just
a Friend”