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Seeking Answers (From "Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3") RMaster 02:55
Continued Story (From "Code Geass") RMaster 03:39
This Game (From "No Game No Life") RMaster, Shiroku 04:33
Zetsu Theme (From "Naruto Shippuuden") RMaster 02:34
I'll Be the One (From "Hikaru No Go") RMaster, Shiroku 04:49
Zwinge niemals die Liebe - Moon Revenge (From "Sailor Moon") RMaster, Sailor Pride 03:57
Wind (From "Naruto") RMaster 04:43
Evening RMaster 02:19
Vegeta's Song (From "Dragonball") [Remix] RMaster 04:15
Mountain a go go two (from "Naruto") (feat. Miku and Her Friends) RMaster 04:10

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