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Expression (Air Studios 2013) Helen Jane Long 03:28
Broken Helen Jane Long 04:48
Expression Helen Jane Long 03:42
Through the Dark (Air Studios 2013) Helen Jane Long 04:17
Broken (Air Studios 2013) Helen Jane Long 04:45
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Helen Jane Long 02:39
Porcelain (Air Studios 2013) Helen Jane Long 03:12
Unseen (Bonus Track) Helen Jane Long 04:33
Intervention Helen Jane Long 04:00
Stars (Air Studios 2013) Helen Jane Long 03:06

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Born in Hampshire, England on April 10, 1974, Helen Jane Long is a classical and film composer and multi-instrumentalist best known as a pianist and composer of television adverts and film scores. At the age of 4, she began training as a classical pianist and eventually also learned how to play guitar, clarinet, cello, violin, and organ. After entering college, she began to focus on composing. Frustrated by her schooling, she used her student loan to by a sequencer keyboard, eventually building up her own home recording studio. She spent her time learning how to record, produce, score, arrange, and mix her own music. After leaving college, she worked for the BBC, creating music for several of their children’s shows. She also collaborated with fellow composers Howard Shore (on the Lord of the Rings trilogy), Ronnie Hazlehurst, Dennis King, Nigel Hess, Ron Goodwin, and Jerry Goldsmith. Helen Jane Long came to prominence in 2005 as the composer for a popular series of Volkswagen Passat commercials . She composed music  for several documentaries including Road to Berlin (2005), Behind the Da Vinci Code (2008) and Dispatches (2008). Her film scores include The Only Hotel (2003), Surveillance 24/7 (2007), Los Testigos De La Guerra (2007), and Finding Fatima (2010). After sending demos to several labels, she was signed by Warner Classics and released her debut album, Porcelain (2007), which was a hit on classical radio. Signing with BLE Music and released a series of well-received albums including Embers (2010), Intervention (2012), Identity (2016), Perspective (2018), and Vessel of Light (2020).