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Antidepresan Mert Demir, Mabel Matiz 04:00
Fırtınadayım Mabel Matiz 04:22
Gözlerine Mabel Matiz 04:22
Mendilimde Kırmızım Var Mabel Matiz, Sibel Gürsoy 06:02
Öyle Kolaysa Mabel Matiz 04:41
Karakol Mabel Matiz 04:33
Bir Hadise Var Mabel Matiz 04:40
Gel Mabel Matiz 04:47
Toy Mabel Matiz 03:14
Fan Mabel Matiz 03:37

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With a stage name that references both a classic Turkish novel and old Greek slang, Fatih Karaca (August 31, 1985), better known as Mabel Matiz, is an Istanbul-based singer-songwriter with a kaleidoscopic array of influences that range from rock and pop to reggae and hip-hop. Born in the town of Erdemli, he relocated to the capital and graduated from Istanbul’s Dentistry Faculty in 2008. It was around that time that he also began sharing his songs online, prompting an invitation from producer Engin Akıncı to record an album. His eponymous studio debut arrived in 2011 via Esen Müzik and was followed by 2013’s Yaşım Çocuk, which contained a cover of the Yıldız Tilbe hit “Aşk Yok Olmaktır.” The album was a massive hit in his native Turkey and was named Album of the Year by several publications. That same year, Mabel Matiz also featured on the Aysel Gürel tribute album Aysel'in with the cover “Sultan Süleyman.” Preceded by lead single “Gel,” Gök Nerede saw the light in 2015 and also proved highly successful, selling over 39,000 copies. Three years later, he returned with the heartfelt Maya (2018), an album largely dedicated to his mother that spawned the singles “Ya Bu İşler Ne” and “Öyle Kolaysa.” In tune with the era's musical zeitgeist, Mabel Matiz veered towards urban music with the singles Gözlerine (2019), Toy (2020), and Kahrettim (2021).