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Hey Mr. Nazi Blumio 04:08
Rosenkrieg (feat. Zemine) Blumio, Zemine 04:03
Ich Mag Dich Irgendwie Blumio 03:11
Lass Mal über Haie Reden Blumio 03:18
Antigewaltsong Blumio 04:31
Religion Blumio 04:47
Der Böse Wolf Blumio 03:31
Wir Träumen Gemeinsam Von Besseren Tagen Blumio 03:52
H.D.G.D.L Blumio 03:50
ABCDE Blumio 03:53

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Intro (Yellow Album)
Die Kuh Macht Muh
Ich Mag Dich Irgendwie
Lass Mal über Haie Reden

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Blumio, born Fumio Kuniyoshi on
February 16, 1985 in Hilden, Germany to parents who had moved there from Japan,
started writing raps as a teenager. His professional career took root after he
won a 2002 contest and became acquainted with various performers in the German
rap industry. He had a huge success with the 2005 single “Meine
, which allowed Blumio to show off his versatility by
mimicking the voice and flow of a dozen German rappers. He founded his own
record label, Japensoul, in 2008 and released the album Rush Hour on it
that same year, working closely with Habesha. He first displayed a strong
interest in politics with the 2009 single “Hey Mr. Nazi, which became a
viral smash. He started a weekly online show called Blumio Rap Da News
where he would perform a new rap about the major events of the previous week. He
made five more albums in Germany before moving to Japan in 2016. He refashioned
himself, accentuating his affection for Japan and Japanese culture and rapping
in the language, showcasing this evolution on the 2017 single “UNIQLO”. His
first Japanese EP, Demo, dropped in 2018.