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30-40 Melisses 04:07
Ola Moiazoun Kalokairi Melisses 03:00
Crayon Melisses 03:38
Giati Melisses 04:00
Giati Melisses 03:07
Viktoria Melisses, Dj Kas 03:50
Epiloges Light, Melisses, Skive 03:43
Gia Mena Vradiase Melisses 03:36
Pou ‘Nai I Agapi Melisses 05:06
To Kyma Melisses 03:32

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The Greek pop/rock band Melisses formed in Athens in May 2008. Featuring vocalist Christos Mastoras, guitarist Thanos Laitsas, bassist Kostas Mavrogennis, keyboardist Pantelis Kyramargios, and drummer Jacob Sampsakis, the band scored its first national hit with 2009's "Kryfa." One year later, Melisses participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with "O Kinezos," a song that also appeared on the group's debut album, Mistiko. Boosted by the support of MAD TV, Melisses enjoyed extensive popularity in its home country, earning gold status for the 2012 album Akou and joining the chart-topping pop star Helena Paparizou on tour that summer. I Moni Epilogi appeared in 2013, and the band spent the following years releasing stand-alone singles like 2016's "To Kyma" and 2020's "Misi Kardia."