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Claudio Ruccolo, who goes by the name Claudio Capéo, is a French pop singer who learned to play the accordion as a child and began performing as a teenager. He released albums titled 'El Vagabond' (2010) and 'Miss Mondo' (2012) and in 2015 the EP 'Mr. Jack', and in 2016 appeared on the French version of the television talent show 'The Voice'. His 2016 album 'Claudio Capéo' topped France's albums chart and 'Tant que rien ne m'arrête' reached number six. His track 'Un homme debout' (2016) went to number six on France's singles chart, 'Ça va ça va' (2016) and 'Riche' peaked at number 27. His 2020 schedule was to include appearances at venues in cities such as Paris and Strasbourg.

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