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Live Like You DeWolff 03:01
It Ain't Easy DeWolff 03:24
Pure Love DeWolff 03:47
Yes You Do DeWolff 05:07
Night Train DeWolff 04:53
R U My Savior DeWolff 06:10
Rosita DeWolff 16:30
Mr. Garbage Man DeWolff 04:53
Will o' the Wisp DeWolff 04:56
Gilded (Ruin of Love) DeWolff 04:11

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The Dutch psychedelic rock trio DeWolff was formed in 2007 in Geleen, Limburg. Its lineup consists of Luka van de Poel on drums, his brother Pablo on guitar, and Robin Piso on keyboard. After winning the Kunstbende talent show in 2008, the band was able to land a record deal and released their eponymous debut EP later that year. Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants, the group's first full-length album, appeared in 2009 and climbed to Number 50 on the Dutch charts. Over the next few years, DeWolff played in several festivals outside of the Netherlands and kept honing their sound on albums such as Orchards/Lupine (2011), DeWolff IV (2012), and Grand Southern Electric (2014), an album heavily influenced by Southern rock that peaked at Number 6 on the Dutch Top 100. Following the release of the critically acclaimed LPs Roux-Ga-Roux (2016) and Thrust (2018), the trio embraced their analog side on 2020's Tascam Tapes, which was recorded using a Tascam Portastudio during their European tours. Even though the group's schedule was affected by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, they stayed active through a series of live-stream concerts that were documented in the 2021 live album Nonagon Marathon. In 2023, their tenth studio album Love, Death & In Between became their first release to enter the German charts, peaking at Number 72.