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Waiting Alice Boman 03:04
Where To Put The Pain Alice Boman 03:54
Don't Forget About Me Alice Boman 03:06
Wish We Had More Time Alice Boman 03:40
Wake Me Up Alice Boman 03:06
Waiting Alice Boman 03:03
Feels Like A Dream Alice Boman, Perfume Genius 02:52
What Are You Searching For Alice Boman 03:20
Everybody Hurts Alice Boman 03:11
Waiting Alice Boman, 1987 03:28

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The Space Between

von Alice Boman


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Singer/songwriter Alice Boman was
born December 2, 1987 in Malmö,
Sweden. Seeking a career in music, Boman started recording demos in her
bedroom, creating hazy soundscapes with intimate vocals. She sent this material
to a studio, and they were so impressed that the tape was passed to Adrian
Recordings who told Boman that they wanted to put the songs out exactly as they
were. The result was her debut EP, 2013’s Skisser. Those tracks were given
to a variety of established producers, resulting in Skisser/Remixed
later that year. 2014’s EP II, contained her first official singles
including “What”, “Over”, and “Be Mine”. As she set about
recording her debut album. She contributed tracks to a number of television and
film projects including  the Amazon
series Transparent, the teen drama 13 Reasons Why, and the adaptation
of John Greene’s Paper Towns. Her moody atmospheric debut album, 2020’s Dream
, featured close collaborations with producer Patrik Berger, and featured
a more considered approach to her vocal performances, accentuating her haunting,
melancholic vibe.