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Heartache From Ashes To New 03:45
Scars That I'm Hiding (feat. Anders Fridén of In Flames) From Ashes To New, In Flames, Anders Fridén 02:55
Panic From Ashes To New 03:20
My Fight From Ashes To New 03:21
Light Up The Sky From Ashes To New 03:29
Decode (feat. Caitlin De Ville) From Ashes To New, Caitlin De Ville 04:16
Broken From Ashes To New 03:20
Breaking Now From Ashes To New 03:30
Nightmare From Ashes To New 06:07
Bring Me To Life From Ashes To New 03:51

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From Ashes To New utilize their outlier perspective to break boundaries. The Lancaster, PA band consists of—Matt Brandyberry [rap vocals, keys, synths, programming, guitar], Danny Case [clean & unclean vocals], Lance Dowdle [lead guitar], and Mat Madiro [drums]—churn out an anthemic hybrid of hard rock, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative with enough energy to inspire you to get up, move forward, and maybe even, make a change. Since 2013, the group have risen from humble beginnings to the top of the 21st century rock vanguard with hundreds of millions of streams, radio hits, sold out shows across the country, and acclaim from LoudWire, Alternative Press, and more.