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An irgendeinem Tag wird die Welt untergehen Kapelle Petra 03:30
Freibad Pommes Kapelle Petra 03:11
Seitdem ich Johnny Cash bin Kapelle Petra 03:02
Ameland Kapelle Petra 03:24
Ja Kapelle Petra 03:25
Geburtstag Kapelle Petra 01:46
Also stoßen wir an Kapelle Petra 03:55
Weltkulturerbe Kapelle Petra 03:39
Keine Lieder für böse Menschen Kapelle Petra 03:11
Es war nicht alles schlecht Kapelle Petra 02:38

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Kapelle Petra is an indie rock band from Germany founded in 1996. The band was founded in Münster in 1996. The founding members include guitarist and singer Guido Scholz, bassist, organist and singer Rainer Siepmann and Markus Schmidt, drummer and organist. In the early days, Kapelle Petra was usually mentioned in the same breath as the Hamburg School, which was popular at the time. The debut album Felsen was released in 1997, followed five years later by album number 2, Schrank. Kapelle Petra achieved greater fame with the song "Geburtstag" in 2007. The video for the song regularly appeared on music television on VIVA and MTV. After the 2013 album Internationale Hits, Kapelle Petra embarked on a major concert tour and also played several festivals. It was not until 2019 that the band made its first chart entry in Germany with the album Nackt at number 41. The concept album Die vier Jahreszeiten (2021) was followed by the album Hamm in 2024. The album made it into the top 10 of the German charts at number 6.