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Ranbu No Melody SID 03:53
Monokuro No Kiss SID 04:00
Uso SID 03:28
Rain SID 04:16
Enamel SID 03:36
Delete SID 01:33
Garasuno Hitomi SID 04:01
V.I.P SID 03:14
Monocro No Kiss (Anime Version) SID 01:31
Omokage SID 04:16

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Formed in May 2003 by vocalist Mao and bassist Aki, SID is a Japanese rock band best known for Top 10 hits like "Namida no Ondo," "Uso," and "Sleep." Guitarist Shinji and drummer Yuuya joined the lineup in early 2004, and the newly-expanded quartet released its debut album, Renai, later that year. Although Renai stalled at Number 44 on the Japanese charts, SID climbed to Number 26 with the band's follow-up record, 2005's Hoshi no Miyako, then entered the Top 10 for the first time with 2006's Play. The singles "Chapter 1" and "Otegami" also cracked the Top 10 that same year. During the following decade, SID maintained its status as one of Japan's leading visual kei bands by releasing a long line of popular albums, including 2009's Hikari (Number 2), 2012's M&W (Number 3), and group's chart-topping hits collection, 2013's SID 10th Anniversary BEST. SID's songs proved to be just as popular as the band's albums, with the group scoring four Number 3 hits — "Uso," "Sleep," "Rain," and "Itsuka" — between 2009 and 2011. The group maintained a prolific release schedule during the latter half of the 2010s with albums like 2017's NOMAD and 2019's 承認欲求, then released its first album of the 2020s, 海辺, in 2022.