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Dead Horse Yard Act 03:38
Land Of The Blind Yard Act 03:00
Tall Poppies Yard Act 06:21
100% Endurance Yard Act 03:45
Quarantine The Sticks Yard Act 02:40
The Overload Yard Act 03:16
Pour Another Yard Act 03:20
The Incident Yard Act 03:10
Rich Yard Act 03:42
Payday Yard Act 02:54

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Formed in Leeds, England in 2019, Yard Act is a British post-punk band comprised of James Smith (vocals), Ryan Needham (bass), Sammy Robinson (guitar, replaced in 2020 by Sam Shipton) and George Townend (drums, replaced in 2020 by Jay Russell). The group’s first batch of singles in 2020 - including "The Trapper's Pelts", "Fixer Upper", "Peanuts" and "Dark Days” – established their style of black humor, cynicism, surrealism, and political consciousness. Yard Act released their debut album, The Overload, in January 2022. The album charted at Number 2 in England and Number 1 in Scotland. The album includes the singles “Payday”, “Rich”, and “For Another”.