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Into the Sun Viagra Boys 03:58
Punk Rock Loser Viagra Boys 03:57
In Spite of Ourselves Viagra Boys, Amy Taylor 05:03
Ain't Nice Viagra Boys, Amy Taylor 03:32
Ain’t No Thief Viagra Boys 03:59
Creepy Crawlers Viagra Boys 03:09
Troglodyte Viagra Boys 03:19
Baby Criminal Viagra Boys 04:39
Sports Viagra Boys 03:57
Return To Monke Viagra Boys 06:28

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The Swedish punk band Viagra Boys
began in 2015 when singer Sebastian Murphy and bassist Henrik Höckert decided to start
performing together after a night of karaoke. They brought in Höckert’s former bandmate,
Benjamin Vallé to
play guitar, and installed Tor Sjödén on drums. Establishing themselves as a
five-piece with the addition of saxophonist Oskar Karls, they began
playing live, eventually issuing their debut EP, Consistency of Energy,
in 2016. After 2017’s EP Call of the Wild, they began working on their
first LP. 2018’s Street Worms was a full expression of their artistic
approach, raucous and driving music wedded to lyrics that satirized toxic
masculinity and right-wing politics with black humor. It would win Album of the
Year from the Independent Music Companies Association for the LP. They issued
the EP In Spite of Ourselves in 2020, and issued their sophomore LP, Welfare
, in 2021.